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What is Tai Chi for Diabetes?

Paul and Linda

Dr Lam and Linda Scott at the Tai Chi workshop in Portland June 2015

Dr. Paul Lam and his Tai Chi associates and a team of medical specialists created this program, based on Sun and Yang style tai chi, Tai Chi for Diabetes is safe and easy to learn. It is designed to prevent and improve the control of diabetes. The program will improve health and wellness.



Dr Paul Lam at Tai Chi instructor training workshop

Benefits of Practising Tai Chi for Diabetes:

  • To improve health and quality of life for people with diabetes
  • To prevent people from developing diabetes
  • A gentle and relaxing exercise to enjoy and improve the condition
  • An excellent introduction to tai chi to gain the many health benefits of tai chi.
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Dr Lam’s instructional Tai Chi for Diabetes DVD, handbook, chart and the Tai Chi for Diabetes – Living Well with Diabetes book.

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